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Biovène Barcelona & #replacethebottle

Biovène Barcelona & #replacethebottle

Biovène Barcelona & #replacethebottle

Spanish socially conscious beauty brand Biovène Barcelona has just launched its 2020 campaign encouraging consumers to #ReplaceTheBottle, making the switch to eco-friendly packaging to reduce the need for plastic.

The brand, which as part of the campaign has launched a plastic-free Shampoo-In-A-Bar range, is supporting with awareness and equipment to organise local beach cleanups in Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga.

“The idea behind #ReplaceTheBottle is to create a community of activists who want to support a global change,” CEO Erik Lambert tells Cosmetics Business.

“With retailers lined up to meet the increasing demand of solid beauty in 2020, we are getting ready to scale up globally to support and organise local initiatives.”

And with over half (53%) of today’s consumers expecting brands to improve the local community, and three in five expecting companies to have environmentally friendly initiatives, according to Mintel data, Biovène’s local beach cleanups are likely to be regarded well by consumers.

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